Thursday, April 10, 2014

the MENagerie presents; the Center Ring with Adam Coussins w/ a video

Introducing our Center Ring installment of Adam Coussins.

the MENagerie: Thank you, Adam for taking some time to speak with us! Let's start with a few personal questions.  Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

Adam Coussins: I was born in Derby, UK and still live there.

tM: How old are you? When did you start working out and why?

Adam: I am 26, and I started out at 18 gym-wise, but I've always kept fit and played sports.

tM: When you’re not in the gym, what do you do for fun?

Adam: I like walking the dog, cinema, other sports, and theme parks, stuff like that. Adrenaline rush lol.

tM: Who is the person whom you admire most in your life and why?

Adam: My parents. Love them to death.

tM: Do you still have any goal that you’d like to achieve, either in your training or in life in general?

Adam: Earn a lot of money, retire, and have enough to sort everyone out for life.

Questions about modeling:

tM: How did you become a model and what made you decide to do it?

Adam: I got asked via some pics on Facebook, and it all went from there.

tM: What do you like most about being a model? And what do you like least?

Adam: I've got to travel a lot and work with many different people. It was an eye opener.

tM: Are there any other models that you admire? And why?

Adam: David Beckham. He's done well with sport and modeling.

tM: What photographers have you most liked working with? Is there a photographer that you haven’t worked with that you would like to? Who is it and why?

Adam: There are too many to name. Dylan Rosser was great. Gilles Crofta, Photoworld, Picture This Studios, Redsnapa. Anyway, if I have missed any, I'm sorry. 

tM: Do you have a particular picture or photo-shoot of yours that you like most?

Adam: The Dylan Rosser ones are well known. Also some Redsnapa pics.

tM: How do you get ready for a photo-shoot?

Adam: I try get an earlier night. Get up and shower. Have some small snacks food-wise and don't over eat. 

tM: What aspects of your life have changed since becoming a successful model?

Adam: I'm maybe more outgoing now, and I know more about life and how different people live.  

Questions about your fitness training:

tM: What do you think about when you need a little inspiration at the gym or generally?

Adam: Rap music. Mayweather the boxer. I can get myself pumped and in the zone easily.  

tM: What do you say to the people who see you as an inspiration in regards to your training? Do you have any advice for aspiring fitness models?

Adam: Just try your best. Do as much as you can and try and enjoy it. You need goals though. I think it helps training with different people and varying it.

tM: Is there anything more you'd like to share with or say to your fans?

Adam: Thank you for all for your years of support. I love you all.  xx


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