Thursday, July 31, 2014

the MENagerie presents: the Ringmaster Series; Ron Reyes Photography

Good afternoon Community. Today, Thursday, we're going to celebrate the Art of Male with an installation of The Ringmaster Series with Ron Reyes. Take a gander and enjoy the interview that he was oh so kind to give us. Enjoy

tM: Good morning Ron.  Thank you for taking time out to chat with us for a moment. It is truly appreciated. Lets get this show on the road with a worth while standard, what got you in to photography? 

Ron Reyes: I’ve been in the Art/Graphics field for many years, so I’ve always had an appreciation for the visual arts. But what got me into Artistic Nude photography is when I model friend of mine (Straight male Polynesian dancer) first asked me to take nude photos of him … I was obviously HOOKED after that experience – hehe. 

tM: What is your favorite thing about what you do?

Ron Reyes: Getting to meet gorgeous guys with genuinely nice's a wonderful thing when a model is comfortable & confident in their own skin, it makes a creative photoshoot so much more fun when the model doesn't feel awkward & uncomfortable.

tM: Why did you choose to focus on the male body?

Ron Reyes: Well being a Gay Male Photographer, I obviously have an appreciation for the male body … and many straight models have told me that by their hiring a ‘Gay Male Photographer’, that photographer can bring out a more sensual and desirably sexy image for a man – vs. a photographer that finds no attraction toward that model.

tM: What's your process in coming up with ideas for shoots, etc.?

Ron Reyes: I draw a lot from my own experiences and pacific-islander upbringing...whether it be legends, myths, things I find is truly a pleasure to be able to make my old childhood fantasies come true in an image interpretation with a live Model. Seduction is key... I like my images to seduce an audience (whether it be with a sexual to a nonsexual approach) So my process is usually quite spontaneous depending on where I am in my life. 

tM: What do you look for in a model?

Ron Reyes: Besides the obvious (being physically fit and attractive) ~ a model who already knows & appreciates my work … I notice that when I work with models (that don’t know my work) there isn’t any chemistry ... it’s like working with an actor auditioning for a role he knows nothing about.

tM: Is there a model that you would like to work with and why?

Ron Reyes: I’ve come to realize that I find much more joy in working with models who aren’t already well-known, they haven’t built this ‘Huge Attitude’ where they’ve become inflexible with ideas & concepts … so there really isn’t one that comes to mind – it’s like an open page for me, and I like it spontaneous like this …  OF COURSE, because of the way this industry works, it’s always a PLUS for my business & reputation to work with ‘already-famous’ models ~ just for the additional exposure, but it’s not high on my priority of things in life I want to achieve with my Photography.

tM: Who are some of your influences / favorite photographers from the past? And who are some of your favorite photographers nowadays and Why?

Ron Reyes: Victor Skrebneski: His erotic yet beautifully artistic works speak for themselves.
Helmut Newton: His nudes are stunning and tell such stories in just one image.
Robert Mapplethorpe: He always pushed the envelope with his controversial, yet super erotic male nude imagery ~ without it looking like typical and cheesy slut-porn.

tM: What do you hope people get out of looking at your photographs?

Ron Reyes: I know that I can’t please everyone, but I do get great satisfaction when people tell me that they are captivated by theme / concept of my work – and NOT just attracted to the ‘Hot Model’ in the photo… sometimes, people confuse a ‘Great Quality Photo’ with a ‘Bangin-Hot-Model’ … I’m still very surprised at how some people think that an averagely-shot photo (with lack of technical skill behind the camera) can be “AMAZING”  just because the MODEL is gorgeous ..  makes me think that these people would think an iPhone ‘SELFIE’ is “AMAZING” so long as the model is HOT…

tM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ron Reyes: I’m not a very ambitious person … truly just an Artist that would be happy with the most humble of means, as long as I get to create my art … I would feel very blessed and grateful if I were still doing what I’m doing now in 5 years.

tM: Is there anything that you would like to say to your followers/readers/fans?

Ron Reyes: Thank you for your support – especially to those who have purchased my photography work and/or services. I appreciate every message, compliment and constructive feedback I’ve received. Please keep up the faith & support in my work.

for more of Ron Reyes' work, for purchase, go HERE