Tuesday, September 2, 2014

the MENagerie presents: #ExpressYourSELFIE w/ Brandon aka Playboi

2 cumshots and ass play


the MENagerie presents the Midway w/ the Monthly Manful; the Sailor

play HERE

Touch: Cloud and Boat
Talk: Hey, sailor! 
Talk: How are you?
Talk: What are you doing out here?
Talk: Can I try out your jumper? 
Touch: Forearms and Hand
Talk: What's it like at sea?
Talk: I just love sailors!
Talk: I've got something that might interest you....
Talk: Since you're on leave, why take the shirt off?
Touch: Nipple and Abs
Talk: They make you wear "bell bottoms"? Really?
Touch: Legs and Crotch
Talk: I want to lick you all over!
Talk: Let's see that big, hard mast of yours.
Touch: All
Talk: Squirt it all over!

Bed Ending

Talk: Hey, sailor!
Talk: How Are You?
Talk: What are you doing out here?
Talk: Can I try out your jumper?
Talk: I've got something...
Talk: Since you're on leave...
Talk: They make you wear...
Talk: I want to lick you...
Talk: Let's see that big...
Touch: All

Rimjob Ending

Touch: Boat and Sea
Talk: Hey, Sailor!
Talk: What are you doing here?
Talk: Cute Dixie Cup!
Talk: Can I try out your Jumper?
Touch: Forearm
Talk: I just love Sailors!
Talk: Since you're on leave, mind taking your shirt off?
Touch: Forearm and Abs
Talk: They make you wear bell bottoms?
Touch: Ass
Talk: I've got something that might interest you...
Talk: I want to lick you all over!
Talk: You hungry for something, Sailor?
Talk: Let's see that big, hard mast of yours.
Touch: Arm and Cock
Talk: Squirt it all over!

a .gif for you

the expression of SELFIE

Friday, August 29, 2014

the MENagerie presents: the Ringmaster Series; RedSnapa Photography

tM: Thank you for taking a few moments out to allow us to get to know you a bit better. It is truly appreciated. Let us get started with where are you from/born and where do you reside now?
RedSnapa: I'm from the UK and was born in a little place called Pembury. I now live just north of London in a large town called Milton Keynes.

Anthony Brooking
tM: What got you in to photography?
RedSnapa: I have always been interested in photography from an early age. Model photographing came to me about 8 years ago and I have steadily increased what I do and how I work.

 Alex Moisii

Adam Coussins

tM: Why did you choose to focus on the male body?
RedSnapa: I like the form that a male body can bring. Whilst women are curvy and can create beautiful shapes, the male form has more ridges and angles to capture and enhance. It’s also something that I've enjoyed looking at for many years, so it was a natural progression.

 Anthony Wilde

 Danny Reeve

tM: What's your process in coming up with ideas for shoots, etc.?
RedSnapa: I tend to work quite creatively and also in collaboration with the model. Sometimes ideas just pop into my head or have been planned. Sometimes the most interesting images happen within the camera. It’s sometimes a mixture of all of that.

 Luke Clark

Ben Ginders
tM: That makes sense. It's an organic process. What do you look for in a model?
RedSnapa: As a fitness photographer, the body has to be a very important aspect of the model. Having said that, it isn't the only aspect I look for. I have shot some amazing models (both professional and amateur) that didn't have the greatest body but had a wonderful face or smile. You should also never forget that eyes are so important. My personal favourite are great legs. I think that’s the foundation of a good body. So many times you see models that look great from the waist up, and forget about the legs.

Paddy O'Brian

tM: What is your favourite thing about what you do?
RedSnapa: I get to meet some amazing people when shooting. Some confident, some quiet, some funny and some more serious. But I always try and keep the studio a relaxed environment.

Lucas Glover

Dean Haywood

tM: Who are some of your influences / favorite photographers from the past? And who are some of your favorite photographers nowadays?

RedSnapa: I take influence from all around me, from magazines to adverts and I always see myself looking at lighting in photos. I love the classic looks from the 50's and 60's and also love really strong architectural images that are city or landscapes. Today I love the work of a friend of mine Gilles Crofta who has a great eye for details as well as photographers like Joe McCormick and Alex Wightman who capture some fantastic models and concepts.

Mike Steele

tM: Where do you see yourself and what do you hope to accomplish in the next five years?

RedSnapa: I really take life as it comes. I've come along way from when I started so I really don’t know where I will be heading. I have found more and more people are finding out about REDSnapa and what I do and have been commissioned by a few private clients to shoot for them for their own collections. That is a great honor and I always love shooting for others. So we will see.

Ben Middleton
tM: Do you have any words, thoughts, words of wisdom for your fans and followers?
RedSnapa: I just want to thank all those people who have followed, shared, liked and saved my work. It’s been a great time producing some amazing shots. The more you like it, the more I enjoy shooting, so keep on enjoying the models and the photography.

 Marc Williams

 Luke Clark

Nick Wolanski

For more of REDSnapa visit him on Facebook and Model Mayhem